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Driving Range

Visual Enjoyment

The layout of our 450-yard long driving range is truly exceptional ... “You have to see it to believe it”. Running in a North -> South direction, the range was carefully designed to maximize a golfer’s visual enjoyment at all times, whether having a hit before, during or after work.

No Waiting

With busy weekends in mind, the effectively elevated decks extend over 300 feet meaning no golfer will miss out on the opportunity to improve their golf game. If that wasn’t enough our design enables golfers to hit towards each other with both south facing and north facing tee decks.

Exceptional Tee Decks

The south facing end incorporates two grassed tee decks and a matted tee deck. The north facing deck provides one grassed tee deck. Our grassed tee decks are of the highest quality using bent grass (popular on greens/fairways), which allows the golfer to play the most realistic shots without actually being on an 18-hole golf course.

Full Game Practice

Standing over your ball looking down the fairway area you have the option of aiming at six target greens to practise a variety of shots with all your clubs from your driver down to your short wedge. Two bunkers to make those shots all the more challenging surround each green.

Beyond the Range

Once finished on the range, you can take the opportunity to finely tune your short game by practising your chipping from either the rough grass (blue grass) or from our bunker. Both of these are performed around an undulating green with various pin positions for precision stroke play.

Not too far away is a second green to practise your putting...

Finish your Practise Right

What better way to finish off your golf practise session than to join our friendly staff in the pro shop/patio for a refreshing drink and something to eat.

Driving Range Driving Range

What's On

Driving Range now open for the 2013 season.
See you all soon.
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Grass tee decks
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